I don’t specialize on the school photography only and do not make “conveyor photography”. School photography is like any other type of shooting for me. I like to photograph students and pupils. Maybe due to the fact that I can give them (and their parents) what I do not have myself and never will have – photos of a school life. I have a group photo of my each class, photos from the school events, but no pictures of me in class at the desk, at the blackboard,  etc… I don’t remember who I sat at the same Desk… I’m so sad about it. I would pay for such photos now, but it’s impossible.

There are some links below to the galleries with examples of my school photography in Moscow schools. Please keep in mind that the portfolio is rather static and not being updated by me very often. More photos (including more recent) you can see on my BLOG by filtering it with the word “school”.


001 school-photo

Lessons in a class room

002 school-photo

Lessons out of a class room

004 school-photo

Breaks and free time

003 school-photo