Photography services

This page presents the list of photography services being offered by me. If you have not seen some (interested for you) service in the list, this most probably mean that I do not offer such service… But feel you free to contact me and ask your question.

I do not impose any additional services to my clients. The main type of my services is production (shooting) and postproduction (preparation (including required editing) for printing and Internet) of photos. All other types of services (slideshow, album, prints, etc.) are definitely optional.

Wedding photography

To hire or not to hire a wedding photographer – this is usually not a question. :))) There is another question – which of the wedding photographers to choose.

Wedding photography is the main area of my work. If you need a wedding photographer, you like my wedding portfolio and you agree with my work conditions, then it is a reason to consider me among all other wedding photographers. Usually I work in Moscow or nearest suburbs but I am ready to discuss my work outside Moscow region.

I do not work with “wedding packages”. On public holidays I work with full wedding day coverage “from getting ready till the cake” (starting from 8 hours duration). On public working days I work with partial wedding day coverage (starting from 3 hours duration). 

Engagements / love-story / couple photo sessions

There are a lot of cases when people (especially men) do not like participate in photo session because of “need to pose and pretend to be someone”… I do not force (or ask) anybody to do it. I understand that my clients are usual people and not the actors or professional models. You just need to be yourself during photo session.

Contact me if you want to make a photo session for you and your “second half”.

I shoot such sessions in Moscow, starting from 3 hours duration.

Family photography and Kids photography

Very often some of family members is missed on the family photos because he (or she) was behind the camera that moment…

It is also usual situation when people are disappointed in “professional” camera which have been specially purchased to photograph their kids… … :)))

Somebody need to update “young actor’s” portfolio…

There are a lot of reasons to hire professional photographer.

Contact me if you seeking family photographer or you want to get professional photos of your kids.

I shoot such sessions in Moscow, starting from 3 hours duration.

My work outside Moscow can be discussed separately.

Portraits photography

There are a lot of people who consider themselves as “screen badly”…, who do not like their portraits…, who have one-two low quality photos taken by mobile phone…, but this is the only pictures they like…

It is not so sad :))) Professional photographer can help. Any person can be photographed nice – it just need to know how to do it!

There are also lot of people who have already many nice photos, but sometime they need new or better quality photos, or photos “better than friend’s photos”… :)))

It is also a reason to hire a professional photographer.

Contact me if you want to make portrait photo session for you.

I shoot such sessions in Moscow, starting from 3 hours duration.

Family events photography

Each family event (birthday, anniversary, religious ceremony, etc) is always a celebration. It is normal desire to have the photos of such event for memory.

Very often people try to use “own resources”… As a result – some scenes, some of relatives or friends are missed on photos… And quality of photos are not always good.

Let yourself and your guests not to be distracted from celebration by shooting! Hire a professional photographer.

I shoot such events in Moscow, starting from 3 hours duration.

My work outside Moscow can be discussed separately. 

School photography

The memory about school time is very important because people goes to a school for about 10 years (in average). 10 years is a significant part of life. Parents’ wish to have school photos of their kids is a traditional wish. May be too traditional and over-traditional.

Common (most photographers’) school photography services are also traditional – a portrait + group photo (or composition/collage of portraits in a frames on one page), printed on paper or as a book…

Of cause such photos must be, but there is no information (and memory) about school life.

It’s not necessary to limit school photos by traditional photos only. School life can be (and should be) also photographed because it’s so interesting and various.

Let your kids to have good memory about their school time in the not traditional photos only. Your kids will be very thankful later.

I shoot in the Moscow schools, starting from 3 hours duration.

Public and corporate events photography

Corporate events are almost not presented in my portfolio due to conditions of non disclosure and confidentiality agreements.

Contact me if you need a photographer for public or corporate (private) event.

Work conditions is a subject for discussion in each particular case.